Even with the best intentions, modern technology can still fail on occasion. If your AV system is critical to your business operations or you worry about significant, unforeseen costs, a maintenance contract can provide comprehensive support for peace of mind. Our maintenance agreements offer varying levels of support that can be tailored to your exact requirements, ensuring that you only pay for what you need.

We recognise that if there’s a problem, you’ll need it resolving as quickly as possible. Guaranteed engineer response times are factored in to our maintenance contract agreements, with the option to supply suitable loan equipment to minimise any disruption to your business practices. We also offer a ‘dedicated’ loan equipment service, where we can supply identical loan equipment reserved specifically for you so that you can be assured of complete continuity should any problems arise.

As part of a maintenance contract you’ll also receive comprehensive support via our Technical Helpdesk, meaning you’ll always have someone knowledgeable on-hand who understands your system and how best to assist. For businesses where the AV system is ‘mission-critical’ to your operations, we can also offer an out-of-hours emergency contact helpline to help resolve any issues.

To discover more about our AV Support Plans and how our expert technical team can help you,                                                call (65) 6788 4411 or Write in your request @ CONTACT.